“In China, it is traditional for students to wear a small red scarf on their necks as a symbol of their identity and role within society. I upheld this convention until the age of eight when I immigrated to Canada. The resulting sharp transition of customs and cultures became a formative experience in my early life.In this drawing, I am recalling a memory of a nosebleed from my childhood. This ephemeral moment became not just an illustration of my experience in China but also a critical analysis of my past. Nosebleeds are surprising yet beautiful moments in life blood is expelled from the body, yet it is not always complimented by physical pain. It is the body’s response to shock; the byproduct of a broken boundary.There is something provocative about depicting a coarse image with a precise sensitivity.”

©Jason Guo 2011


About Moki

Studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a BFA with emphasis in art education. Recently has been spotted dabbling in performance art, installations, and public art.
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